April 12, 2024

Water Damaged Carpet Repair Melbourne

We, at Master Carpet Repair, are a certified and licensed company dealing with offering carpet drying and cleaning services for carpets that are damaged by way of floodwater or water overflow due to any manmade disaster. Our services extend and cover all suburbs of Melbourne. Our team of expert technicians working on emergency water damage restoration service are available 24 hours a day and have IICRC accreditation. Our team assures 100% customer satisfaction to each of our customers. Our team understands the gravity of the situation in event of flooding and hence they try and reach your property that has been damaged at the earliest after your call to us. Dealing with carpets that are water damaged repair carpets in your Melbourne home has complexities and if there is a delay in cleaning it at the hands of professionals it could worsen its state.  A set cleaning procedure is carried out by our professionals at Master Carpet Repair for restoring the carpets damaged by floodwater and that also decreases chances of growth of microorganisms and removal of stains and smells created by the floodwater.

Why Choose Master Carpet Restoration?

Master Carpet Repair Melbourne has been in this business since many years. We have been able to create a loyal customer base because of our dedicated workforce and the cutting-edge technology and cleaning methods taught to them. Read on to find out more reasons to choose us for your carpet cleaning problems:

  • Our technicians work hard to provide 100% customer satisfaction on each of their assignments.
  • Our company carries out all necessary paperwork required for claiming insurance amount.
  • Technicians at Master Carpet Repair Melbourne are equipped to handle residential as well commercial projects.
  • Master Carpet Repair Melbourne has IICRC certification.
  • We function 7 days a week and hence the availability of our technicians for your emergency is guaranteed.

Water Damage Carpet Drying & Restoration Method Followed at Master Carpet Repair

Given ahead is the process we follow for cleaning water damaged carpet repair Melbourne:

a. A thorough analysis of the damaged site

Our technicians identify the most common hazardous items and remove them. Thereafter they assess the entire area with the help of moisture meters and thermal imaging systems. The category and class of water loss is ascertained too. The carpet cleaners then map out the damage that has been caused to the carpet, subfloor, underlays, frames, walls, etc. They are also equipped to find out the exact rate of contamination that has been caused. The magnitude of water damage can be measured only by a comprehensive and detailed study. It helps our technicians to know which items can be repaired and which need to be disposed off completely for the safety of the residents. They will also know which parts of the damaged property need to be cut off and thrown.

b. Creating a blueprint of work needed to be done for cleaning the flood-damaged carpets.

The data found out through the assessment in the initial stage helps our technicians in using the most appropriate restoration method. The costs and the expected time to dry, clean and restore the site is found out too.

c. Water extraction

Our technicians extract all the excess water trapped inside the carpet by way of flood. For that, they make use of extraction instruments. Performing this process carefully is highly important for the entire cleaning and restoration process. Draining out the excess water efficiently is essential to drain out the moisture and help in drying out carpets quickly.

d. Mould control treatment

Our technicians use antimicrobial solutions to prevent mold growth on the carpets due to moisture. Mold growth happens usually when water gets collected on surfaces like carpets and rugs, windows, etc. Thus, mold destroys such surfaces and should not be left to grow further. Mold controls are also useful in controlling the growth of bacteria and other harmful allergens.

e. Air movers and dehumidifiers are used for faster drying.

Industrial air movers are used to expedite the drying process after the water extraction is over. The air mover also is used to dry the air below the carpet for better results. Dehumidifiers are also used in conjunction to demoisturize the air as well.

f. Stain removal from carpets that are water damaged.

After the wet carpet becomes fully dry and clean, the technicians will clean any stains left by the residual water.

g. Carpet restretching repair.

The carpet is stretched and laid down again properly to avoid any bumps or ripples coming out from it.

h. Keeping track of the moisture content.

Our technicians keep a constant track of the moisture content all through the water-damaged carpet restoration process. The air movers and dehumidifiers are kept working on the site and checked at frequent periods to control moisture from growing or coming back. The dehumidifier notifies when the drying is finished, and the entire moisture is sucked out from all the objects.

i. Steam cleaning and sanitization of the carpet

Our technicians steam clean the carpet at this stage. They also sanitize the carpet for eliminating any remaining bacteria and pollutants. The sanitizer takes away the previous smelly state leaving the carpet in a more pleasant condition.

j. Report for insurance claim

The team would give you a report when the entire carpet restoration process is complete. That is an important document for insurance claims.

Categories of Water Damage

Category 1 comprises of flooding due to broken pipes, overflows due to dishwashers, washing machines, etc.
Category 2 also known as greywater comprises of water overflowing from the toilet bowl, showers, basins, baths, etc.
Category 3 comprises medical waste, industrial waste, seawater etc.


If there is a disaster involving water overflow, contact the experts and let them handle it! Contact Master Carpet Repair in case of such situations. Call us on 0488882357 and be rest assured about the proper restoration of your property to its pre-loss state!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Can you clean carpets and rugs that are damaged by floodwater?

Ans. Yes definitely. Master Carpet Repair Melbourne has all the requisite facilities to effectively clean and dry flood-damaged carpets and rugs. We provide pickup facilities and also work on all 7 days.

Ques 2. What type of water-related disasters can affect my carpets?

Ans. Carpets can get spoiled due to floodwater entering the house, any unclosed taps in the house that causes water to overflow, water leaking from bathtubs, dishwashers, and washing machines all can damage floors and carpets.

Ques 3. Do I have to replace my carpet after it has been damaged by a flood?

Ans. Not all circumstances demand replacement of the carpet. However, it is important to contact professional flood damage clean-up experts to examine your carpets before deciding on a replacement. Contact Master Carpet Repair Melbourne for a quick appointment.

Ques 4. Should I search for the source of the water myself?

Ans. Certainly. That will help in knowing if the water is clean, dirty, or black water.

Ques 5. How do I know if mold is growing on my carpet?

Ans. If there are any green, black or grey formations on your carpet combined with nasty smells then it is a sign of mold growing on your carpet due to flood water.


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