Pets are an adorable addition to any family! They can bring a smile to your face on your gloomiest of days with their love and innocence. However, homeowners with pets need to take a lot more care of their carpeting than families with no pets.

Some pets are extremely hyperactive and love to scratch on any and every surface they can find with their sharp claws. That can damage the threads and fibres of the carpet in a permanent manner. This can make the carpet look damaged, disfigured and dull.

The carpets most often suffer the most damage since that is one place they spend a lot of their time on. Pet urine and the dirt lodged inside their paws from the outdoors also account for a lot of damage to the carpet. If your carpets have been similarly damaged or have been ripped off portions by your otherwise lovely pets read this blog to know more on how to carry out carpet repairs & Restore your carpets that have been damaged by pets.

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Carpet Patching:

For this procedure, you will need a cutter, measuring tape, and a marker.

1.    First, you need to look at the carpet carefully to find out the damaged areas by your pets. If the damage is on a larger area, then opting for Carpet Repair Melbourne would be a better idea. If not, you can try patching the carpet on your own.

2.    Mark out the damaged area for easy identification. Follow the demarcated borders and cut the damaged part carefully with the cutter. Make sure to trim only the carpet backing and leave the tufts. Also, do not take the carpet threading off completely; if any carpet thread remains still, remove it with scissors.

3.    For finding a patch for the procedure, you may opt for cutting out the required pieces from hidden areas like below the beds, couches, shelves or any other furniture. You can also check if there is any leftover piece stored at the time of installation. You can also source the same pieces from the market.

4.    Apply the double-sided carpet tape carefully on the trimmed piece of carpet. Make sure to pay attention because if you happen to apply the tape in the wrong manner on the carpet, the whole piece of fabric becomes useless and you will have to start over again with a new piece of carpet. To apply carpet tape to the carpet, peel off the protective paper from one side of the tape and carefully stick it to the carpet piece.

5.    Place the patch and peel the covered sheet from the other end of the donor piece’s carpet tape. Glue the carpet piece cautiously on the trimmed portion of the previous carpet and push it securely. To fully bind the piece to the carpet, make sure to press firmly on all four corners. Patch the remaining pieces of patched carpet onto the repaired carpet in the same manner.

6.    Trim or cut the lengthier fabric of the freshly patched carpet region very carefully to give it the appearance of the original carpet. Remember not to slice off excess fabric from the newly pieced carpet because this may harm the carpet fibre again and will also result in an adverse impact on the overall look of the carpet.

7.    Run an old comb on the newly patched areas of the carpet to integrate the newly patched carpet piece with the remainder of the old carpet. In this case, repairing the carpet edges is critical to adequately hide the patch. It is important to devote more attention to the corners of the patched areas. Placing heavy objects on the carpet patch may also be helpful in making sure the patched area is fixed properly.

Mending Your Carpet:

You will need measuring tape, duct tape, a carpet cutter, an iron and sharp scissors.

1.    If the carpet has small curled portions or very minor threads coming out then trimming those parts out with fabric cutters to make them even with the remainder of the carpet is all you need to do.

2.    If your pets have ripped off the carpet in other spots, you may well be able to repair the problem by transplanting fibres. To carry out this technique, use a box cutter to remove matching threads from a lesser visible location. Then apply waterproof glue to the exposed carpet underlay where strands will be added. Press the strands into position, being careful not to fuse them together.

3.    Heat up the iron and pass it over the carpet. This will melt the glue, keeping the carpet in place. Fixing the Carpet with a Vacuum& Some Stitching

You will need a vacuum, fabric cutters and some stitching supplies

1.    The loose threads that have come out due to the clawing and tugging of your dog can be repaired easily by way of stitching.

2.    After that you need to cut out the remaining knotted and stray ends to match the elevation of the rest of the carpet.

3.    Vacuum the stitched area carefully. Doing so will help bind the mended threads together in a firm manner. This is sufficient to mend the ripped carpet. You also can benefit from professional care and carpet patching services offered by businesses for more long-term and reliable results.

By following these techniques you can easily repair your carpets that have experienced pet damage. But if you are short on time or are not sure about using these techniques, you still need not worry as opting for professional Carpet Repair solutions can still be a very helpful and effective way out.

One can choose to work with carpet repair experts who are well-versed in various carpet repair services techniques including carpet restretching, carpet seaming, carpet patching and many more as per the carpet damage. These services are not just effective but affordable to everyone.

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