Heat damage is one of the most common causes of burnt spots on carpets. It can be caused by several things, from spilled hot drinks to dropped cigarettes. Spots of burning on the carpet can be alarming and ugly. Numerous mishaps can leave scorched spots on the floor; for example, candles can fall on the floor, an ironing board can trip, a child accidentally sets down a hair-styling instrument on the carpet, etc. Chemical burns are another common cause of burnt spots on carpets that may need carpet repair in Melbourne. They are usually caused by cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. The fibres are permanently harmed by burn scars, yet a room’s worth of carpet does not need to be replaced. The ugly spots can be fixed with the help of carpet restretching service, so don’t let them make you crazy thinking you have to look at them until you can afford to buy new flooring.

Carpet Burn Repair

Tips For Repairing Burnt Spots On Carpets –

There are a few different ways that you can repair burnt spots on carpets. The most important thing is to act quickly so that the damage doesn’t spread.

Assess The Damage – The first step is to take a close look at the burnt area and determine the severity of the damage. If the burn is only superficial, then you might be able to repair it with some simple cleaning and spot treatments. However, if the burn is deeper, then you will likely need to opt for carpet stretching Melbourne.

Clean The Area – Once you have determined that the damage is superficial, you can begin cleaning the area. Be sure to use a gentle cleaner to not further damage the carpet. You may also want to consider using a carpet spotter to help remove any lingering stains.

Treat The Area – If you are working with a deep burn, then you will likely need to patch the area with a new piece of carpet. Carpet Repair Point Cook can also help camouflage the damaged area and make it less noticeable.

Prevent Future Burns – To help prevent future burns, be sure to keep flammable objects away from your carpets and furniture. You should also have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to help keep them in good condition.

Dealing With The Carpet Burn Marks

  1. Blot The Area – The first thing you will want to do is blot the area with a clean cloth. This will help to remove any liquids that have seeped into the carpet.
  1. Apply Heat – The next step is to apply heat to the area. You can do this with a hair dryer or by placing a warm, wet towel on the spot.
  1. Use Vinegar – Create a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water. Apply this to the stained area and allow it to sit for 15 minutes before blotting it up with a clean cloth.
  1. Repeat As Necessary – You may need to repeat steps 2-4 until the burnt marks are completely removed.


Performing a carpet patch repair on your own may make you feel a little anxious or uneasy. Master Carpet Repair Melbourne is delighted to assist, whenever you need a carpet repair or carpet restretching service in Melbourne.

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