May 31, 2021

Affordable Carpet Restretching Services in Melbourne at Your Doorstep!

Master Carpet Repair Melbourne provides excellent carpet restretching services for repairing loose carpets in your homes and offices. At Master Carpet Repair Melbourne, our team of competent technicians have expertise in handling carpets of different styles, makes, and materials. They are skilled in professional carpet stretching service and carpet restretching Melbourne. Our team of trained cleaners and technicians is trained to utilize a number of cleaning methods and equipment. They are provided with a broad set of high-precision tools and equipment for every project.

Our Restretching Services Melbourne

1. Re-stretch bubbled carpet

2. Re-stretch rippled carpet

3. Re-stretch wrinkled carpet

4. Re-stretch carpet bumps

5. Re-stretch carpet waves

6. Re-stretch bulged carpet

7. Fix Carpet Seams

8. Stretch Carpet

Carpet restretching needs to be done when the carpets lose their firmness and become sagging. Carpet re-stretching removes the bumps and ripples from the fabric of the carpets. That contributes to its increased safety if you have children or elderly people in the household. It also greatly improves the look of your carpets and smoothes out wrinkles. We can also repair burnt patches, seams, and carpet hole repair, and install new metals where the carpet and tile meet. We have also introduced a new service for the removal of red stains from the carpets.

Re-stretching is used for improving the look and feel of wrinkled carpets. Restretching tightens the carpets and also prolongs the carpet’s duration by taking out the wrinkles which can, in turn, lead to wear and tear of the carpet at a faster-than-normal speed from the constant bending that occurs because of foot traffic. It also reduces the chances of tripping and falling on loose material.

Why do We Require Professional Carpets Restretching?

Master Carpet Repair Melbourne covers all Melbourne Suburbs

Our customers often complain that their carpets have developed wrinkles and have started losing their natural tightness. The appropriate term to describe this condition of the carpets is known as “fullness”. It is usually corrected by our professional carpet cleaner by restretching the carpets with appropriate equipment.

Our professional team of technicians pulls the carpets from the edges. They make use of carpet stretchers and then refit the carpet. They also trim the excess parts if required Usually, this process consists of pulling up the carpet through its edges with the help of a power stretcher. Re-fitting is done on the carpet and excess carpet is cut off.

A carpet power stretcher is also used by our technicians in cases that require using it for better results.

In any case, the aim is to avoid untimely wear and tear, improving the ugly appearance of the carpet by reducing tripping and falling on it. We also use invisible mending to stick the carpet pile to the carpet surface.

Why Use Carpet Power Stretching?

Carpeting when done covering one wall to another wall makes a comfortable environment for all. It also makes your home feel cosier and also acts like a sound absorber. When Master Carpet Repair Melbourne comes to install wall-to-wall carpeting in your house, we make sure that you are completely satisfied with our carpet installation. Our professionals are qualified to install carpets in different styles. One particular form of installation uses a specialized power stretching tool at the time of installation and is very popular and in demand among people in Melbourne.

Our professionals make use of the latest technology to deliver flawless carpet restretching services in Melbourne to install wall-to-wall carpeting in your home or office. This method is easy to enhance the look factor of your home and also fits customized designs of carpets without compromising on any other factor. Book an appointment with us for carpet restretching services for your Melbourne house.

Why is Carpet Re-Stretching needed?

Carpets collect a lot of wrinkles even after being cleaned on a daily basis. Sometimes, ugly bumps, ripples, and waves can start showing on your carpets. Master Carpet Repair Melbourne is aware that these elements cropping up in your carpets can have an impact on the overall look of your house. It not only affects the aesthetic element but also makes anyone trip on it while walking or stepping on it.

Once you have booked an appointment, the professionally well-trained technicians at Master Carpet Repair Melbourne come to your home and remove these unsightly elements from your carpets with our state-of-the-art re-stretching technology. We again pull your carpet from the edges with our power stretching machine and deliver a smooth floor like it was before!


1. My carpet is wrinkled and wavy. Can you help?

Answer: Yes, Master Carpet Repair provides a service called carpet stretching for this very scenario. We usually will stretch the carpet along the edges with the help of a carpet power stretcher, or a knee kicker carpet stretcher, depending on the requirement. We then refit the carpet and trim off the surplus part in it if needed.

2. Why do I need professional help to restretch a carpet?

Answer: Carpet stretching is not something that can be done on your own. For the exact and desirable results, you need the correct tools and knowledge to do which can only be provided by professional experts. Contact us for an appointment.

3. Do I have to do the restretching procedure for the whole room?

Answer: Yes for maximum effectiveness of the procedure it has to be done for the whole room.

4. Do I have to move my whole furniture to another room for this procedure?

Answer: Yes, the whole furniture has to be removed because we have to lift up the whole carpet for the procedure.

5. How do I prepare for the carpet restretching procedure?

Answer: For the best results from the procedure, we recommend removing all furniture and items from the room ahead of time. Vacuuming it also helps if you vacuum before our technicians arrive at your place.

6. What are your charges for carpet restretching?

Answer: Our charges depend on the size of the room where the carpet is laid out.

Master Carpet Repair Melbourne deploys expert technicians who can deliver flawless carpet restretching and restoration services to every client in Melbourne. Get in touch with one of our executives to guide you through the whole process and get an instant appointment for yourself.


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