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Carpet Seam Repair Melbourne

Carpets are used to enhance beauty and add aesthetic value to your interior. The comfort you receive from a well-maintained carpet is out of the world, but you need to take extra care to maintain them in their original condition. One of the most common issues that our expert technicians notice is untimely seam repair and treatment. There can be several reasons that may cause damage to the carpet seam, but commonly, it is caused due to low-quality material, improper tools, or techniques of carpet installation. Old carpets demand special attention as after a certain time they become rigid and lose their comfort. At Master Carpet Repair Melbourne, we use the best techniques to restore your carpets to their pristine condition.

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Basic Steps to Repair Carpet Seam 

Frayed seam and tufts are the most common issues in the carpet, with our high-quality carpet seam repair Melbourne service you can reduce the peaking and extend the life of the carpet. Carpet restretching stretches the loosened material and tightens it up. This method is used to reduce pressure on the carpet seam and eliminate peeking. Along with that, we use carpet seaming tape to attach two adjacent points.

Carpet seams start splitting due to foot traffic or excessive furniture movement. It may leave with two options – repairing or replacing. Here are a few basic steps to ensure that seams do not split.

When the carpet installation is taking place, leave some space from the door so that the carpet firmly stays in place. Still, if the carpet seam starts splitting, here what we to do.

Professional Carpet Seam Repair Melbourne Techniques:

Carpet Tape:

Repairing the frayed seam issue with carpet tape is the most common step. After analysing the issue, we apply the carpet tape to the affected area. Our technicians attach the two adjacent sides of the carpet in a way that the upper side is considered as a baseboard of the carpet and is connected to the lower part.

The Steps That Our Technicians Implement:

1. The first step is to determine the length of the damaged part where we need to apply carpet tape. After analysing the length, our technicians prepare the surface and proceed with cutting the tape.

2. Our skilled professional restretch the carpet to tighten the floor covering and to eliminate the wrinkle, and uneven surface. If required, we even trim the unnecessary carpet along the edges.

3. After making a line, we start to tape the upper carpet area to the lower carpet surface. With the help of special tools, we tighten the carpet properly and ensure that the edges meet accordingly. After our technicians are done fixing the carpet, you will feel comfortable and walk without fear of stumbling over wrinkled carpets.

Installing Carpets Using Glue Gun

You can use a glue gun to stick the two edges of the carpets. You can apply the glue to the desired part and stick both ends firmly. Ensure that you handle the glue gun cautiously and do not touch or keep the hot glue gun on the carpet. As it may lead to carpet burns or further damage to it.

How to apply hot glue over the carpet?

1. Before initiating the process of carpet seam repair Melbourne, it is essential to trim the frayed seams using a sharp tool.

2. After cutting the seam part, apply the hot glue to the carpet. Take special care while using hot glue, as it may harm the carpet fiber.

3. Now fix both the carpet edges together and apply some weight over it to stick the ends firmly.

Seam Sealer:

There are ample methods that can be used to restore the damaged carpet part – a seam sealer is one of them. The product is applied to the surface of the carpet. To prevent the risk of carpet seaming, professionals use a seam sealer before installing the carpet. At Master Carpet Repair Melbourne, we apply a seam sealer all over the edges and corners to keep the seam firm.

1. Seam sealer is highly versatile, and you can use it even after installing the carpet to effectively resolve the seam issues.

2. Our carpet seam repair Melbourne technicians apply an adequate amount of product on the back of the carpet and the floor to fix them firmly.

3. By placing the heavyweight over the damaged part, we seal the carpet.

Are you worried that unprofessional and uncertified carpet repair companies may damage your expensive carpets? Contact us. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Carpet Seam Repair Melbourne

1. Is it essential to hire carpet repair professionals before using seam sealers?

Answer: It is essential to consult a professional carpet repair service provider before applying a seam sealer. Using a seam sealer without proper knowledge may cause damage to the carpet fiber. Call on +61488882357 to talk to our expert technicians.

2. Is the use of glue guns safe to stick the corners of the carpets?

Answer: You can use hot glue to stick and tighten the carpet edges to the walls and corners of the flooring. It is advised to take special care whole using a glue gun, as the hot glue may damage the carpet’s fabric.

3. Should I hire a professional to repair frayed seams?

Answer: Professional carpet repair technicians have the appropriate skills, tools, and products to effectively repair frayed seams. Get in touch with our technicians to get the best carpet seam repair service.

4. Does carpet seam repair take the whole day?

Answer: Our technicians are trained and have the required skills to finish the carpet seam repair job in less time. On average, it takes a couple of hours to finish the carpet seam repair job.

5. What is the cost of carpet seam repair service?

Answer: Master Carpet Repair offers carpet seam repair service at a reasonable price. Want to know the cost? Call on +61488882357 and get a express booking on-call.

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