Dogs enjoy scratching, but occasionally this behaviour can harm pricey household objects like carpets or upholstery.

Carpets are excellent pieces of furniture that adorn our homes. Any area gains colour and cosiness from it, and a home feels more, well, like a home. Absolutely without a blink, quality carpeting is the element that ties a space together. Because of this, a ripped carpet can be very annoying. In addition to normal wear and tear, carpets can rip if large pieces of furniture are pushed across them or if a pet utilises it as a cutting surface for teeth or claws. Are you hesitant to complete it yourself? If you want a professional job done, you can hire a carpet repair Melbourne expert. Although it may appear difficult, mending a ripped carpet by yourself isn’t that difficult. When you’re done, your carpet will appear brand new and you’ll have saved time. Let’s get going! How To Repair Dog Damaged Carpet

What Causes The Tear?

There are various ways that a carpet can rip. It’s possible that you tore the carpet when moving anything or that your dog overexerted himself by scratching it. In any case, there are a few simple actions you can do to fix your torn carpet. The risk of damaged or torn carpets is one of the undesirable side effects of having interiors in one’s home or place of business. There are ways to manually take care of mending these ugly patches rather than redoing an entire room’s worth of carpet when it tears or tears. It need not be a challenging task. Tears in rug seams can occur, mainly as a result of objects being tugged across it and catching the strands. If the rip isn’t repaired, it can get bigger as wearing from foot traffic worsens the situation. It is less costly to restore the damaged carpet than to replace the flooring. You can repair ripped carpets and prevent them from appearing worn out with the right tools. Depending on the type of damage you will have to fix the carpet.

3 Simple Steps To Fix A Dog-Torn Carpet In Under 10 Minutes

Step 1: Fixing Large Torn Area

Matching carpet piece – It’s excellent if you have any remaining rug from the time it was laid. If all else fails, you could always sneak something from a closet’s rear or from below some equipment you’ll never move. Carpet knife: It has a superior hold and is crisper than a typical box cutter. However, the actual advantage of a rug knife is that it facilitates cleaner, sharper cuts. You will want a roll of intense carpet tape : One-sided tape works best since you simply need to attach the new piece to the current carpet torn repair. Although you do not have to remove the sticky layer on both sides, the dual tape can also be used. Here’s how you start fixing:
  • Create a border around the harmed area by pressing screwdriver lines into the carpet. These lines—which will serve as your cutting lines—should be at least a half-inch distance from the hole or damage.
  • Trim along the patterns you just drew with your carpet knife. Make every effort to cut as clean as you can.
  • Cut a strip of leftover rug the very same length as the hole using it as a template. Make sure the napping on the new piece corresponds to the nap on the component you are replacing. The nap is what? the elevated, one-direction-running carpet strands.
  • If the new piece’s nap doesn’t face the same direction as the remainder of the rug, the repair won’t only be obvious; it will appear as though you have a patch of rug that is a different colour and texture.
  • Carpet adhesive should be divided into four pieces, each one relatively longer than the cut-out’s sides. Till you perform a dry run, wait to peel the adhesive backing. Each piece of adhesive should be placed with the glue facing up so that part of it will go under the current carpeting and the other part will go under the new carpet.
  • Once the adhesive backing has been taken off, you can apply a marker on the rug cushioning to make sure it is placed correctly.
  • The initial strip of tape’s sticky backing should be carefully removed. Only one side of the double-sided adhesive should be removed. With one hand, lift the carpeting, and with the other, push the adhesive into place. For the remaining parts, repeat.
  • It’s time to install the new component now. To ensure an excellent fit, start with one side. Compress the piece’s edges tightly into place while moving in the nap’s direction.
  • Pointed cutting tools can be used to trim any stray fibres before covering the region with a stack of books and letting it sit undisturbed.

Step 2: Fixing Small Tears

  • Items required
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Thermal ruler tape
  • A steam irons
  • Adhesive
Process to follow
  • Cut several fibre pieces or threads from a rug’s hidden area.
  • Place a ruler underneath the damaged area after raising it.
  • To reveal the carpet cushioning, raise the ripped area.
  • Apply seam glue and follow the split from below.
  • Make sure to extend it 1-2 inches past the rip around the bottom border or use thermal tape. After that, repair the gap by using a steam iron to heat the glued region.
  • Using sticky tape, join the fibre patch or strand parts that have been cut.
  • Make sure to swap out the fibres one at a time.
  • After letting it dry, move your carpet.

Step 3: Numerous Rips Addressed

  • Required items
  • Chalk, measuring tape, and a knife.
  • Tape with two sides
  • Carpet fibres, a hair comb
Detailed Instructions
  • Make measurements and marks with the chalk all along the borders of the ripped area.
  • Obtain extra carpet fibres
  • To cut the impacted areas, use your utility knife. Don’t, however, cut the carpet’s underlay.
  • Tape the backing’s upper side with double-sided tape.
  • To restore the carpet fibres you took out, adhere them to the adhesive. But be sure to seal all the gaps.
  • In the tape, firmly press the fibres.
  • Brush and mix the newly applied and existing hair using a comb.


It looks bad to have tears on the carpet. But there’s nothing more painful to look at than a DIY carpet repair job gone wrong.  Professional carpet restretching at Master Carpet Repair Melbourne can restore your carpet without burning a hole in your pocket. Our skilled professionals are trained in carpet restretching Melbourne and repairs to revive your carpets to their former beauty.

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