Did your carpet get burned because of a candle? Does your carpet look ugly now? There is no need to replace your carpet. You can get the burns repaired easily. You can either repair the carpet burn with a DIY method or hire carpet repair Melbourne experts. Professionals are quick and can repair burns with modern tools and techniques. On the other hand, DIY carpet repair helps fix the problem for a short time. Here, you can learn about DIY carpet burn repair. Also, you will know the correct time to hire the experts.

Carpet Burn Damage

What Could Carpets Burn?

People place luxurious carpets in their homes to enhance the look of the interiors. But the burned carpets could ruin the ambiance. Here is how the carpets get burned:

While ironing the clothes on the carpet, you can burn it. Burning the candles near the carpet could be a problem. If anyone at your home smokes, then your carpet could get some burn marks.

How Can Carpet Repair Help You?

Many homeowners decide to replace their carpets because of major and minor carpet burns. But it is not a wise decision. Carpet repair could provide some help. Here is why you should consider carpet repair for burns:

Saves Time

Fixing a few carpet burns takes less time than purchasing and installing a new carpet.

Saves Money

You just need to invest in professional service or a patch if you wish to repair the carpet. But carpet replacement can be a costly affair.

Restores Original Look

If your carpet has a few burn marks, then you can choose carpet repair. By repairing some sections, the original look of the carpet can be restored.

How Can You Repair the Carpet Burn?

If you are not willing to hire the experts, then you can use some techniques to repair the burns at home. You can choose a method based on the size of the burns:

If the carpet burn is small

You need scissors, carpet glue, and a comb to fix small burns. Firstly, you can trim the burned threads of the carpet. Then, you can use glue to fix the damaged burned area. With a wide-tooth comb, you can blend the fixed area. It is an easy method that could help you get rid of small holes.

If the burns are small and black-coloured

If the burn marks are making your carpet look horrible, then you can simply clean the damaged area with a mild detergent solution. By removing the black mark and burned strands, you can improve the appearance of the burned carpet.

If the carpet burn is severe

When a carpet becomes badly damaged, you need to put in extra effort to fix it. Firstly, you have to trim the burned area. Next, you have to take out a patch to cover the trimmed section. With the help of carpet glue or tape, you can place the patch. Lastly, you can take a comb and blend the threads.

Pros of DIY Carpet Repair

You can get the following advantages by choosing DIY carpet repair:

You don’t have to pay a fee to the professionals for carpet repair. For urgent repairs, DIY can be the best option. There is no need to wait for a specific date or time.

Cons of DIY Carpet Repair

If you are planning to fix the carpet burns on your own, then wait. You can get the following disadvantages by opting for DIY carpet repair:

You will have to invest a lot of time and energy. It is possible to get perfect results. Generally, people don’t have access to modern tools.

Professional Carpet Repair Melbourne for Carpet Burns

Burns can reduce the life of a carpet and hamper the reputation of the property owner. When DIY hacks fail, you need to call professionals. The experts can help you in different ways. Have a look at the benefits of booking a professional carpet burn repair service:

Get Quick and Reliable Results

You can expect guaranteed and quick results by booking a professional carpet burn repair service.

Use of Modern Tools and Techniques

Professionals have access to a wide range of carpet repair tools. The experts can inspect and use suitable tools to fix the carpet burns. In addition, experienced workers know about the techniques that are beneficial for repairing all types of burns.

Professional Advice

You can get the advantage of the expertise that professionals can offer. The suggestions from professionals could help you maintain carpets for a long time.

How to Experts Fix the Carpet Burns?

Carpet repair specialists follow a systematic process to mend carpet burns. To know about these steps, you can read below:


The carpet repair experts check every corner of the carpet and determine the intensity of the carpet burn. Based on the damage, they make a customised plan.


Once the inspection is done, the experts use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet. It helps in the removal of dust particles and soot from the burned site.

Patch Repair

Generally, the experts use the patching technique to repair the burns. Here is how to do so:

The blackened and damaged area is cut with the help of scissors. Then, the cut section is measured. A patch from the donor or the same carpet is taken. It should have exact measurements. Then, the experts glue the patch to the trimmed area. Lastly, the treated area is blended with relevant tools.

Are There Any Cons of Professional Carpet Repair?

Some people avoid professional services because of the costs associated with them. But it is actually a profitable deal. By spending a few dollars, you can extend the life of your carpet. Moreover, you can save time and effort. So, call experts whenever required.


Professional carpet repair is way more beneficial than DIY carpet repair. You can get quick, reliable, and long-lasting results by hiring experts. There are a few advantages to DIY hacks that we have mentioned above. You can choose an option based on your requirements. If you need carpet repair Melbourne service, feel free to contact Master Carpet Repair Melbourne.

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