Carpets are beautiful floor covers that provide insulation to a room. They are subjected to high traffic and regular damage. Hoes, burn marks, damaged seams, and frayed ends appear on the carpet with time. Taking care of the carpets is essential to increase their life and keep their beauty intact. Wondering how to maintain them? For your help, carpet repair Melbourne has listed some useful and simple tips. You can follow them and keep your carpets like new ones for a long time.

Carpet Care Tips

What Causes Damage to Carpets?

If you want to maintain carpets, then you should know the reasons for their damage. You can keep a check on these factors and prevent the damage easily:

Hot Objects

Sometimes hot objects such as irons, hair styling tools, and candles fall on the carpet. Due to these objects, major or minor holes appear on the carpet.

Sharp Objects

Knives, scissors, and furniture edges could also cause damage to the carpets.

Excessive Moisture

Because of sewage backups and floods, the carpets suffer from a lot of damage.

Food and Beverage

Oils, sauces, coffee, and many other items could leave permanent stains on the carpets.


Dogs and cats are lovely creatures. But, maintaining a carpet could be a challenge because of them. Pets could chew or scratch the carpets and ruin their beauty.

How to Take Care of Carpets?

Are you disheartened because of the damage caused to your carpets? Do you want to use your expensive carpets for many years? Then, you can follow these carpet care tips. They could be beneficial for you:

Daily Vacuuming

This is the most basic and important step. Regular collection of dust particles on a carpet not only spoils the look but also affects human health. You can use a good-quality vacuum cleaner and keep your carpets clean always.

Keep Hot Objects on Board

While styling your hair or ironing your clothes, you should make use of a board. This tip will help you a lot because maximum damage happens due to candle wax, iron, and hair straightener. Also, other electrical appliances should not be kept directly on the carpets. You can keep heaters, batteries, and other machines on the board.

Place Rugs in High Traffic Areas

In every house or office, there are some places that receive higher traffic than others. Firstly, you should place doormats in front of doors. Next, you should place rugs in high-traffic areas. Your pets and kids can also play on rugs. In this way, you can protect the carpets from severe damage.

Avoid Eating or Drinking on Carpets

Oil stains and sauce stains are so stubborn that only a patching technique could remove them from the carpet. If you don’t want to spend money on advanced carpet repair solutions, then you can avoid eating or drinking food and beverages on the carpets.

Don’t Drag Furniture

Do you have a habit of just dragging the heavy furniture across the room? If yes, then it’s time to change this habit. You need to lift the furniture and shift it properly. This is the best way to prevent damaged seams.

Moth Control Treatment

Moths are tiny pests that feed on carpet fibres and leave holes. By booking the moth control treatment every year, you can get rid of small carpet holes.

No Exposure to Sunlight

The bright sunlight could cause major damage to the carpet material. Discolouration and damage occur because of the sun. So, always keep the windows covered with curtains.

Don’t Pull Carpet Snags

Sometimes, the carpet threads come out. It could be due to shoes or sharp objects. These snags could become a reason for disaster. Moreover, the damage increases with time. Instead of pulling the threads, you need to trim or clip them. In this way, you can prevent serious carpet damage.

Keep an Eye on Your Pets

You should train your pets well. By giving proper training, you can stop the carpets from getting scratched and chewed. You can trim the nails of the pets. Even monitoring the behaviour of pets is necessary. Generally, pets cause damage to carpets in anxiety or excitement.

Book Professional Carpet Repair Service Regularly

It is common for carpets to look stained and tattered after every few months. That’s why it is advised to book professional carpet repair and cleaning services. Professionals have a wide range of tools and products that are beneficial in maintaining the carpet. The life of your carpets would significantly increase if you seek help from experts.

Benefits of Following Carpet Care Tips

Now, you are aware of the tips that you can follow for maintaining luxurious carpets. But, here is why you should put in these efforts:

To Extend Carpet Life

Carpets can survive for many years and look younger if you are able to take care of them. By preventing holes, seam splitting, stains, and fraying, you could prolong the life of your carpets.

To Save Money

If you feel that hiring carpet repair specialists is expensive, then you are wrong. The cost of purchasing new carpets and installing them could be way more costly.

To Maintain Carpet Beauty

The aesthetic value of the carpet remains intact if you are able to prevent stains and carpet damage.

Why Book Carpet Repair Services from Master Carpet Repair Melbourne?

To maintain carpets with ease, you can take help from experienced workers. In our company, we have a team of skilled professionals. They know about modern carpet repair methods such as patching and stretching. They can mend all the problematic areas within a few minutes.

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Your carpets could look charming for many years if you implement the above-mentioned practices in daily life. Along with these tips, you could hire carpet repair specialists. They can conduct an inspection and use a suitable method to fix the problem. To book the service, contact Master Carpet Repair Melbourne!

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